Nov 20, 2015

TasteMaker Bear Lifestyle Beanies!!!

TasteMaker Bear Lifestyle Beanies! So many flavors to rock with.

The illest in sports and fashion..... TasteMaker Bear Lifestyle!

Dannell Ellerbe - TasteMaker Bear Lifestyle #59
Tracy Porter - TasteMaker Bear Lifestyle #21
Darren McFadden - TasteMaker Bear Lifestyle #20


Jul 6, 2013

It's a Lifestyle!!!!

Shout out to my brotha from anotha, Moomie in the custom fitted, L.Dasia Hat with the Signature Logo Tank to match while in Vegas. 

Jimmy Butler aka Jimmy Buckets rockin' the TasteMaker Bear V-Neck!!!

Shout out to Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls for rockin' with the TasteMaker movement!  He's wearing the TasteMaker Bear V-Neck aka the Bear Shades & Bow Tie V-Neck. 
We're definitely looking forward to seeing Jimmy play next season as he's one of the youngest and brightest stars of the NBA.  Still has 1 of the top 5 dunks of the season when he posterized Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat.
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Dear Summer... TasteMaker Tank are in!!!!

New TasteMaker (South Beach colorway exclusive) and Signature Logo Tanks are here!!! 

Apr 28, 2013

Jacksonville Jaguar Johnathan Cyprien x Tastemaker Bear Tee!

Congrats to the newest Jacksonville Jaguar, Johnathan Cyprien!!! J. Cyp was drafted with the 1st pick in the 2nd round (33rd pick) by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL Draft this past weekend. He plays safety and will be a great addition to the Jaguars team.

Also, you can see he's rockin' with us! Peep J. Cyp in the Tastemaker Bear tee!  Get yours here.